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Zapatillas Deportivas Artesanales - Elysium ™

Zapatillas Deportivas Artesanales - Elysium ™

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Composición y cuidados

Material exterior Cuero de cerdo

Material interior Tejido volador elástico

Material suela Palomitas de maíz

Grosor Estándar

Plantilla Tela

Material composición Tela

Características del producto

Puntera Redonda

Cierre Con cordones

Profundidad de apertura 7 cm aproximadamente

Estampado Cintura trasera

Temporada de uso Cualquiera

Origen Asia

Estilo Deportivas

Género Masculino

Talla y corte

Altura de tacón Bajo (1-3 cm)

Plataforma No

Talla (39-46)

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Introducing our amazing product! Our sneakers are designed with premium upper materials such as high-elastic flying fabric and pig leather, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting wearing experience.

One of the most notable features of our sneakers is their innovative sole, made from popcorn bottom. Yes, you heard right! This sole not only provides traction and wear resistance, but also provides a unique feeling of comfort when walking.

The interior of our shoes has also been carefully crafted to provide maximum comfort. With a cozy inner lining, your feet will feel pampered and protected all day long.

The closure of these sneakers is with laces, ensuring a perfect and personalized fit for each individual. Additionally, they have a shallow mouth, making them very easy to put on and take off.

As for the heel, our sneakers feature a low heel height of 1 to 3 cm, perfect for those looking for a little elevation without sacrificing comfort.

In short, our sneakers are the ideal option for those looking for quality footwear, with premium upper materials, an innovative sole and a comfortable and functional design. Don't miss the opportunity to try our incredible sneakers and give your style and comfort a boost!

With our product, you will not only be getting high-quality sneakers, but also the added value of a handmade product. Each pair of sneakers is carefully crafted by expert artisans, who put all their love and dedication into every detail.

The result of this artisanal process is a unique product, with meticulous attention to quality and details. This includes impeccable stitching, a perfect fit and high-quality finishes.

Each pair of sneakers is a work of art in itself and by wearing them, you will be able to feel and appreciate the difference. Meticulous attention to the materials and construction process makes our shoes durable and resistant, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Additionally, by choosing our artisan products, you are also supporting local artisans and helping to keep a centuries-old tradition alive.

In short, our sneakers are much more than just a pair of footwear. They are a statement of style, quality and support for artisanal products. So don't miss the opportunity to try our incredible sneakers, and experience the luxury of having a unique and handmade product.

U.S. EUR From heel to toe(cm) foot length
7.0 39 24.5 24.0-24.5cm
7.5 40 25.0 24.5-25.0cm
8.0 41 25.5 25.0-26.0cm
8.5 42 26.5 26.0-26.5cm
9.5 43 27.0 26.5-27.0cm
10.0 44 27.5 27.0-28.0cm
11.0 Four. Five 28.5 28.0-28.5cm
12.0 46 29.0 28.0-29.0cm
13.0 47 29.5 29.0-30.0cm

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