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Zapatillas Urbanas - Canvas Bliss™

Zapatillas Urbanas - Canvas Bliss™

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Composición y cuidados

Material exterior Costura de gamuza

Material interior Tela

Material suela Caucho

Grosor Estándar

Plantilla Tela

Material composición Tela lisa


Características del producto

Puntera Redonda

Cierre Con cordones

Estampado Estampado 3D

Temporada de uso Cualquiera

Origen Asia

Estilo Deportivas

Género Masculino

Talla y corte

Altura de tacón No

Plataforma No

Profundidad de apertura 3 cm aproximadamente

Talla (39-44)


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CanvasBliss™ are next-generation sneakers that will elevate your level of urban sophistication. With their avant-garde and contemporary design, these sneakers are ideal for all seasons of the year, whether spring, autumn, winter or summer.

Made with top quality materials, the CanvasBliss™ stand out for their refinement thanks to their hand-stitched suede upper, giving them a distinguished and sophisticated touch. Its rubber sole provides superior comfort and durability, ensuring that you can stroll through the city streets without problems.

With its customizable front lacing system, these shoes give you the opportunity to adjust them to your exact size and ensure a perfect fit. Plus, its automotive-style stitching on the details adds an extra touch of style and personality.

However, the highlight of the CanvasBliss™ lies in its wide range of colors. From classic neutral tones to vibrant, eye-catching colors, these sneakers allow you to express your own style and stand out on any occasion.

Whether you're strolling through busy city streets or enjoying a relaxing day in the park, the CanvasBliss™ provides comfort and urban style with every step you take. Don't wait any longer to add a dose of modernity to your wardrobe with these spectacular sneakers.

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